Ok, so it’s been waaaaaaaaay too long since I’ve blogged last. And I actually have an excuse.


Yeah, I’ve been heads down working on this project with my team called the Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI).  This is a very cool project, while not in itself is the breakthrough RIA of the year – it can be used to create some crazy apps/mashups/whatever on any UI stack out there. I’ll talk some more about this project in a follow up post, but search twitter with #OGDI and you’ll see what people are talking about.

So that’s my excuse….and for all new to my ramblings, this is my new home. Lots to come in the near future. I’m tired of talking the talk and I’m in the mood to walk it and share videos heavily via my blog. You know…stuff that I’d actually watch if I was in the trenches trying to conquer projects day in and day out.

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