I’m currently working with a highly visible government customer and they were really interested in using Silverlight for data visualization. They specifically came across the cool “jelly charts” Richard Zadorozny created a while back in Silverlight 1.0, which have some really cool visual effects displaying and easing data.

Perfect. We should be able to just pipe in data to these charts, and off we go, right? Well, not so fast. After our initial efforts in trying to  convert the POC sample code from the Jelly Charts, it wasn’t really feasible to use this codebase for a robust charting solution.

So this effort kicked off conversations with David Anson, Silverlight Toolkit Charting developer, and Pete Brown who’s done some cool stuff around the SL Toolkit Charts. After brainstorming on how we can bring the cool effects of the Jelly Charts sample and still be able to leverage the robust package of the Silverlight Toolkit, David was able to create a really cool solution in which he outlines in his lastest blog post how to acheive this effect:

Install Microsoft Silverlight

Check out the full post from David Anson, here:


Check it out and enjoy!