I recently met with Joshua Blake from InfoStrat, and he showed me some cool stuff around NUI concepts and how we as designers and developers really need to change the way we think around interface design, especially moving towards Natural User Interfaces (NUIs).

Microsoft Surface is a prime example of how natural user interfaces can change the way we interact with computers. As designers and developers, one challenge with creating natural user interfaces for multi-touch devices such as Microsoft Surface or Windows 7 is getting around the old ways of thinking and old habits for interface design.

Josh decided to tackle this problem by creating an app called SurfaceCube. The gist of SurfaceCube is essentially a simple 3-D puzzle game for Microsoft Surface which he designed to illustrate as many as the Surface Interaction Guidelines as possible. I had the opportunity to sit down with Joshua and discuss SurfaceCube and the thinking behind some really interesting design decisions that makes it stand out as a natural user interface.

We also briefly discuss Joshua’s upcoming book about natural user interfaces and multi-touch development, Multi-touch Development with WPF and Silverlight, due Fall 2010. As a special offer to Channel 9 readers, you can use the following coupon to order the book through the Manning Early Access Program and read the chapters as Josh writes them. Coupon code channel9y is good for 40% off Multi-touch Development with WPF and Silverlight when ordered through manning.com, and expires on April 4th, 2010.