It looks like our Channel 9 video with Tanagram Partners is up and posted! We had the chance to interview their team and discuss Augmented Reality and Gesture Recognition in building NUI-based apps. This was a very interesting talk with thoughts and approaches to effectively building a NUI, walking through a full comic-style storyboard.

Check it out!
Tanagram Partners: Exploring Natural User Interfaces In the Real World

“Natural User Interfaces (or NUIs) seem to be one of the hottest buzz words in the development world these days. Microsoft is rolling out many technologies that map into NUIs, including Windows 7 Touch, Windows Phone 7 and the soon to be released Kinect for XBOX. But with this new concept in how humans should “naturally” interact with software, what does NUI actually mean?

In this interview, Tanagram Partners explore a real-world approach to building a NUI, starting with a detailed storyboard for a real-world app. This video is technology agnostic, but really paints the possibilities of what “natural” really means in Natural User Interfaces.”