Our team is cooking up some events on how to effectively leverage SharePoint without having to sacrifice a great website design. We’ll show the basic fundamental concepts around how SharePoint works (if you’re new to it as a platform), then we’ll walk through what it takes to start from scratch and end up with a full blown, well-designed SharePoint site.

Some main topics we’re planning on covering include:

  • Design Fundamentals
  • Ten Code Snippets to Empower Your Inner Artist
  • Going from “Meh.” to “Whoo!”… Designing and Animating UIs in Silverlight
  • SharePoint 2010 Developer Platform Fundamentals
  • Designing Websites in Expression  SketchFlow and Blend
  • Implementing Custom Templates for SharePoint 2010

Based on some early conversations (and recent ones), this type of event will really help drive home practical ways in how to use SharePoint while still having a killer user experience. If you’ve wondered how to take SharePoint to the next level and couldn’t seem to find how to do it yourself….this event will be for you.

Stay tuned for dates on the first event…